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Upgrade your Profile

Let me show you some low effort, high impact tasks to optimize your LinkedIn profile to stand out.

Why is this Important to You❓

Ever since I made a small effort to tweak my LinkedIn profile, the number of recruiters who reached out to me has exponentially increased.

How can You address this❓

Do this ⬇️ 

  1. Custom URL → A custom public profile URL will help other members and recruiters identify your profile easily.

  2. Banner image → Showcase simplicity and uniqueness.

  3. Featured Section → Stand out with your Resume.

  4. Custom Button → Connect your Website (Portfolio).

  5. Keywords → Transform your work experience section by integrating the right keywords that are most common in job descriptions.

If you want to check out How I Optimized My LinkedIn Profile, then look no further than the video below ⬇️

⚠️ CTA

Make a Data Analysis project studying the impact of these changes in your LinkedIn numbers.

Reply to this e-mail with before & after screenshots of your LinkedIn profile. I’d love to see those changes.


Is Excel trapped?

With the continued rise of new analysis tools, where does good old Excel fit in the corporate world?
Is it just a tool for beginners, or can it take you really far down the line in your data career?

6 years have passed since the beginning of my data career, and I still use Excel. A lot. That's the truth. I believe it remains a very useful tool, largely due to its popularity.

The key point to note here is that 80, perhaps even 90 percent of what I know and use in Excel today is based on what I learned in the first two years of working with it.

Finding the right way for you to learn Excel can truly change everything.

Why is this Important to You❓

Choosing the right path to learn Excel can help you avoid some of the struggles I experienced while learning.

How can You address this❓

Focus your attention on learning ⬇️

  1. Foundations → From setting up a dataset to conditional formatting.

  2. Advanced Functions → From niche formulas to dynamic arrays.

  3. Pivot Tables → From basic operations to calculated fields.

  4. Data Visualization → From design principles to export & sharing.

  5. Power Query → From simple automation to parameter usage.

  6. Power Pivot → From data modeling to KPI’S.

If you’re wondering where to find the resources to learn them all, don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

⚠️ CTA

I’ve recently launched my Ultimate Data RoadMap that follows this exact structure.
Check out this video to know more about it.

Don’t forget to check out my usual polls at the bottom of the newsletter to give your feedback.


Know your Industry

I think that there’s an over-emphasis on the technical skills, purely because they’re so tangible and easy to measure.
But why is Domain Knowledge so important?

Why is this Important to You❓

Understanding the power of Domain Knowledge is key to creating common ground between your Technical Skills and Business problems.

Here’s what Domain Knowledge provides ⬇️ 

  1. Contextual Understanding → Knowing ROI is more important in financial analysis than healthcare.

  2. Problem-Solving → Relatable stories within the industry allow you to apply similar approaches to solve problems.

  3. Precision → Knowing specific industry trends (e.g., retail) can help you build better predictive models.

  4. Focus → Domain knowledge helps filter out the noise, like WHERE in SQL or FILTER in Excel.

How can You address this❓

Check out these to learn more about ⬇️

  1. Financial Services → Investopedia

  2. Healthcare → Core 7 KPI Metrics

  3. Digital Marketing → HubSpot

  4. Retail → Retalon

  5. Energy → Predictive Analysis in the Energy Sector

  6. Manufacturing → Predictive Maintenance

⚠️ CTA

Join a group of your specific industry. This will allow you to understand the jargon, common issues and approaches to help you connect the specific technical needs with business problems and benefits.

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